Esval 1:43 1935 Delage D8-85 Clabot Cabriolet Henri Chapron


Esval Models
1935 Delage D8-85 Clabot Cabriolet
door Henri Chapron
Open Dak – zonder achterbumper – Donkerblauw
Schaal 1:43
Limited edition 125 pcs.


Esval models are all limited editions made in small quantities in high quality.

Esval Models is a modelcar company located in New Jersey and is founded by model car enthusiasts and collectors with over 40 years of experience.  All Esval’s models are handcrafted, made from resin in scales 1:43, 1:24, & 1:18 scales.  The Esval Models brand has gained a worldwide recognition in the past several years and is well-known now for highly accurate and detailed replicas of interesting and historical classic and modern cars.